Nomad Nest is a tree house at Missouri Botanical Gardens, designed by Justin Rulo-Sabe and Theresa Hitchcock, for and in response to their Treemendous Treehouse competition.

“The Nomad Nest is the result of (and venue for) sustainably using urban flora every day…By using exclusively recycled and salvaged materials, the Nomad Nest demonstrates that resourceful gathering can create grounds for a functional, alternative economy.” -Extreme Tree Houses Guide

Artist rendering submitted to Missouri Botanical Gardens for their Treemendous Treehouse competition


April 30, 2011 through August 21, 2011

“TREEmendous year of activities in recognition of the United Nations (U.N.) International Year of Forests. For more information, visit

Branch out from the ordinary notion of tree houses with an imaginative and creative display of non-traditional structures. Juried competition among local designers, architects, schools, studios and individuals.”

“The Extreme Tree Houses exhibition is designed to showcase the creativity and talent of the local community while also reinforcing the significant role trees play in our lives and in the health of our planet. Designers were encouraged to ponder the concepts of sustainability, exploration and play in the outdoors, nature-inspired design, imagination and more through their installations.”

Extreme Treehouse website

Here is a link to the press release sent out by the garden.  You will be able to read about the other designs as well.

Press Release

Designers: Justin Rulo-Sabe and Theresa Hitchcock

1/2" scale model submitted to Missouri Botanical Gardens

getting the pieces out of the back yard was a challenge, but we were able to do it with lots of help!